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Inspiration Exists…

  Finding inspiration to do the things you love day in and day out can sometimes be a challenge. Forward motion requires focus, drive, tenacity, desire…and a little bit of good, old-fashioned hard work and effort. There are several different ways one can make sure that he is devoting enough time to the things that bring him closer to his goals […]

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It’s THAT simple…

When making goals, you have to consider a few things when designing each goal: Am I committed to achieving this goal? If your answer is anything less than an immediate, resounding “YES!!!,” you might want to ask yourself if the goal you have chosen really IS important to you. If it is not, then either set it on the shelf until […]

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Sometimes You Just Have to Show Up.

Forget motivation, especially on days when you just want to get ‘er done! There are going to be times when you just aren’t feeling like doing whatever it is you set out to do! That’s OK. It is, in fact, perfectly normal – especially when working toward longer-term goals.   When I run, there are days that I get the […]

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What’s Your Dream?

How do you live your dreams if you don’t know what they are? Have you given thought to your dreams? Do you have a Bucket List, a Vision Board, a detailed list of the Things I Want to Accomplish in Life, all three and then some? If not, why not make yours today?   Compiling your Dream List should be […]

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Hi Everybody! Last month, I decided to make the 2nd of every month a day to remind you, my readers, to Feel Your Boobies or Feel Your Balls. I know it might sound silly or even a little risqué, but the fact is that we should be taking care of our bodies. Doing self exams and getting to know what […]

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Resolution 2012 Package Extended!

I am extending my Resolution 2012 Life Coaching package (click here for details) through February 15, 2012 because I have vowed to donate 50% of my earnings through that date to help the family of Baby Joshua (a.k.a. Biggun) – you can read his story here. This is a win-win situation for you! You get 4 personal life coaching sessions devoted entirely to […]

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Every Step in the Race

Susan Ellis-Saller

Sometimes it’s about the progress, NOT the goal. We talk about the gumption it takes to start working toward a goal. We talk about creating the best, most fitting goal for your needs. We talk about what success will look and feel like. We contemplate the steps to take you from Point A to Point B. Should we, in our […]

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Failure! Pah! I Laugh in the Face of Failure.

Is fear of failing the thing that is keeping you from trying in the first place? Why? What is so wrong with failing? Maybe your failure with one method will lead to success with another. Perhaps your failure will strengthen your resolve to succeed. It could be that your failure points to a lack of interest in succeeding in a specific […]

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The Non-Goal Goal

Well, hello there! How are you? How is this New Year treating you so far? And those resolutions you set – how are they coming along? Interestingly enough, I have started to see a fad emerging regarding “resolutions and goals.” It started with the conversation I mentioned in “Is Failure Really Failure,” and went on in Zen Habits’ How to Have […]

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Here Is the Secret to a Fabulous 2012!


Welcome to 2102!   The success or failure of this coming year is in your hands. If you were not satisfied with how 2011 went, it would be a great thing to use this time to really put focus on what you want to see in your life. Do you want more money, more time to yourself, a better looking […]

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